Android 1.6

Zoom in browser / gallery

If a + or - is displayed, you can press + and - keys to zoom

Voice dialing

Press and hold the Phone/Send key and speak a persons name out loud

Using the Search Key

This key also works for Google applications like You Tube and Google Maps. Press it and a search dialogue will appear

Use Google maps from Home Screen Widget

Type a place or location. When the results page appears, it will display a map at the top. Click this and you can switch out of the browser and into Maps

Use a music file as ringtone

Go to Open Music - Songs. Press and hold on the chosen song and select Use as Phone Ringtone

Typing shortcuts

Alt + Delete - Delete whole line of text
Shift twice - Turn on caps lock
Alt + Space bar - Insert special character
Alt + Q - Insert a Tab
Shift and roll Trackball - Highlight text
Alt and move trackball left or right - Move cursor to start or end of text
Del - Delete character to left
Shift + Del - Delete character to right
Alt + Del - Delete entire line
Menu + Z - Undo

Turn on WiFi

Go to Menu - Settings - Wireless Controls and select WiFi Open WiFi Settings. This will search for nearby hotspots

Turn on silent mode

Press and hold the End key

Shortcuts to applications

Search + C - Contacts
Search + E - Email
Search + G - Gmail
Search + S - Messaging
Search + B - Browser
Search + P - Music
Search + L - Calendar
Search + M - Maps
Search + Y - YouTube

Shortcuts for copying and pasting

Hold shift and select desired text with the scroll wheel
Menu + C - Copy
Menu + V - Paste
Menu + X - Cut

To use Touch, tap once and then tap and hold until a menu appears. This will let you copy, paste, cut or select all

Saving an image on a website

Press and hold the image. A menu will appear allowing you to save it

Quickly go to Desktop

Press the Home key twice

Navigate around long lists

Spacebar - Page down
Shift + Spacebar - Page up
Alt + Trackball down - Go to end of list
Alt + Trackball up - Jump to top of list

Map shortcuts

Menu + D - Directions
Menu + M - Map mode
Menu + H - History
Menu + 0 - My Location
Menu + P - Settings
Menu + I - Zoom in
Menu + O - Zoom out

Gmail shortcuts

While in a message:
F - Forward
R - Reply
A - Reply to All
Y - Archive

Forward picture / text message

Press and hold on the message

Fast scrolling in browser

Press Alt + roll trackball
Press Space to scroll down a section

Clear the cache

After Browsing or using Streetview the cache can get quite large quickly. To clear the cache:
Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications -> Browser -> Clear Data
Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications -> Streetview >- Clear Data

Change orientation in browser

You can either:
Open the keyboard or
Go to Menu - More - Flip Orientation

Browser Shortcuts

Menu + I - Zoom in
Menu + O - Zoom out
Menu + F - Find
Spacebar - Page down
Shift + Spacebar - Page up
Menu + K - Go forward a page
Menu + J - Go back a page
Menu + Enter - Go to Home Page
Menu + S - Open Go to window
Menu + B - Open Bookmarks
Menu + W - Open Windows
Menu + H - View history
Menu + R - Refresh page
Menu + P - Settings

Browser Shortcuts

In browser:
Long press Trackball on an image to bring up a save option
Long press Trackball on a url to bring up Open / Open in New Windows / Bookmark Link / Save Link / Share Link / Copy Link URL
Press Menu to bring up browser menu

Bring up the Applications Menu

Press and hold the Home key

Auto focus camera

Just like on a normal camera, you can half-press the Camera button. When it has focused a green circle will appear on the screen. Then press down fully to take the photo

Add songs to playlist

When playing a song, open Music -> Songs. Navigate to your chosen song. Press and hold on it and a menu will appear. Select Add to Playlist

Add caller when in a call

Press the Send key when in a call

Activate memory card for extra storage

Insert a microSD card
Plug your computer in to a PC using a USB cable
Select Menu -> Settings - SD Card & Phone Storage.
Select Use for USB Storage
A folder will appear which you can drag and drop files

Activate magnify glass in browser

Click the trackball twice

Switch Unlock Screen between left handed and right handed

Swipe the unlock bar backwards and it will alternate between left and right handed mode

Switch between keyboards

When typing, press the 123 (bottom left) button to switch between input methods

Silence incoming call

Press the bottom Volume button

Reject incoming call

Press the Power button

Quickly start camera

Press and hold the physical camera button

Quickly call someone from call log

Simply press the Phone icon next to the person's name to dial them straight away

Place shortcut

Long click on an application and you can place the it as a shortcut

Insert pause when dialing

When dialing a number, add a comma (,) to insert a short pause. This is useful for automated switchboards that require pauses

Display Sony Ericsson secret menu

When the phone is locked, press the following sequence, in order: Menu - Back - Back - menu - Back - Menu - Menu - Back

Display recently used apps

Hold to Home button down and a list of recently used apps will be displayed

Boot into Safe Mode

Turn the phone off. Turn it on. While it is starting up, hold the Menu button when you feel the first vibrate. Keep holding the Menu button until the phone has booted. You should see 'Safe Mode' in the bottom left corner of the lock screen

Additional battery information

From the main home screen, dial the following sequence: * # * # 4636 # * # * This will give you extra information about the battery

Add a shortcut or widget

Press and hold on an empty part of the home screen