Android 3.2

Allow swear words in voice recognition

By default, the tablet will recognise swear words, but insert x's instead of the word. To change this, go to Settings - Voice input & output - Voice recognition settings. Then untick Block offensive words.

Android easter egg

There is a hidden easter egg on the tablet. If you go to your Homescreen, then press Menu - Settings - About tablet, then tap on the Android version option 5 times you will be surprised.

Sometimes it doesn't work, so try a couple of times. By the way don't expect to see an actual Easter Egg. That is just the name given to things hidden inside software or operating systems.

Auto focus the camera

When taking photos or videos, tap the screen where you want to focus on. The tablet will automatically adjust the settings to improve the image or video

Change Google Navigation voice

If you prefer a different voice when listening to the Google Maps voice navigation, you can select another language or accent.

From the Homescreen press Menu - Settings - Voice input and output - Text-to-speech settings. Then under the Default settings section, press Default engine.

To change the language, go through the same process, but instead of Default engine, select Language.

Double tap for a full stop (period)

While typing emails or notes, you can simply tap the space key twice and the tablet will insert a full stop / period

Display Apps in full screen mode

Go to the Android Market and search for an App called Spare Parts. Download and then open the App. Go to the Compatibility Mode and Uncheck it. Then re-check it (so the tick appears again). Then turn your tablet off by pressing Home and then turn it on again.

Once that's done, go back to the Spare Parts App and Uncheck the compatibility box again. This time DON'T re-check it though. Then turn your tablet off and on again once more.

Once re-booted, go to Spare Parts again. If it opens in full-screen mode, then the process has worked and any other Apps that run in non-full screen mode should work.

Quickly switch between Month and Year view in the Calendar App

In the Calendar App there is no Year view along the top of the App. You can however use pinch to zoom gestures to zoom in and out of Month and Year view however.

This is useful if you want to quickly jump backwards or forwards through a few months at a time.

Maximise your screen while browsing / hidden controls

If you don't want the Tab bar at the top of the browser, then you can remove this which will use the whole screen while browsing.

Open the standard browser and press Menu - Settings - Labs. Then put a check mark under Quick controls.

To get access to the controls that are now invisible, there is now a neat hidden menu. Position your finger on the right side of your tablet, just off the screen. Then slide it onto the screen in a left-ward direction. A circular menu will appear with various options.

Enable auto App updates

Android has a feature allowing you to update Applications automatically. This is turned off by default, but you can turn it on.

Open the Android market, then Menu - My Apps.

Then you need to open up each installed App and tick Allow Automatic Updating at the bottom. Unfortunately you do need to do this for each App.

Change contact list order

In Contacts press Menu - More - Display options - Display contacts by.

Then select either First name first or Surname first.

Soft reset

To soft reset your tablet press and hold the Power/Lock button for a 2-3 seconds and the tablet will restart. Wait about 10 seconds and then press and hold the Power/Lock button again to restart.

If that doesn't work, then remove the battery. Wait 30 seconds and put the battery back in. Then press the Power/Lock button to turn the tablet on.

Remove a whole text message conversation

If you want to remove an entire text message thread, go into Messages and look for the thread. Then long press on it and select Delete thread

Avoid task killers

It is best to avoid task killers such as Advanced Task Killer. Android is designed to automatically pre-load certain applications, even if you don't load them yourself. If it starts to run low on memory, it will smartly unload the oldest running apps automatically.

Manually killing tasks will only mean they get loaded in memory again. Task killers can make the tablet slow, laggy, or drain battery life more quickly.

Create shortcut to websites on your home screen

Go to your browser bookmarks. Long press on a site and select Add shortcut to Home

Setup a new email account

If you want to setup new email accounts, like Yahoo or Hotmail, go to All Apps and press the Email icon. A setup wizard will then be launched.

Enter you email address and password into the fields. You can also change the settings after this step.

Once you're happy with the settings, give your account a Name and you're done.

Disable 'mobile view' for websites

If you would prefer the Desktop view of websites, rather than the Mobile view, then there is a way to change it. This may not work in all regions or on all carriers however.

Open the standard browser and type about:debug into the browser's address bar. Then go to Menu - Settings. You should have a new option called Debug. Press Debug, then on the right side press UAstring and change the option to Desktop.

Websites should now be displayed as they would on a computer desktop browser.

Another alternative is to install a third-party browser like Dolphin, Firefox or Opera which have options to surf in Desktop mode.

Show browser history

To show the Browser History, press the Star in the top right corner of the browser. Then press History.

This will only work in the standard Android browser.

Take screenshots on your tablet

To take a screenshot on your tablet, you will have to 1) root your device and 2) download an App called Screenshot ER from the Android marketplace.

If you don't know how to root your device, then head over to xda developers who have instructions for most Android devices.

Zoom when using the camera

While in the Camera App, there are two ways to zoom in or out.

First, you can use Volume Up and Down keys.

Secondly, you can pinch your fingers on the screen to zoom in and out.

Use Swype for quick text entry

Most Android devices come with an alternative way of entering text called Swype. Many prefer this method and believe it is quicker.
When any text entry box appears, press and hold the box. Then select Input method: SWYPE. Once enabled, you simply drag your finger around the keyboard moving over the letters in the correct order to spell a word.

Speed up your browser

You can speed up the page load speed on your browser by disabling JavaScript.

To do this, open your Browser, then Menu - More - Settings. Scroll down and untick JavaScript

Please note that this may affect the functionality of some sites.

Turn off App update notifications

If you would prefer not to be told every time an Application has been updated, open the Android Market - Menu - My Apps. Then Menu again. Then Settings. Under General settings, untick the Notifications option.

Set / change wallpaper

To change the homescreen or lock screen wallpaper, press on a blank part of the homescreen. Then press the plus icon in the top-right corner and choose Wallpapers. Then choose Live (animated / moving wallpapers) or standard wallpapers (images) and choose whether you want the wallpaper on the homescreen or the lock screen. Then crop the wallpaper and press Ok in the top-right corner.

You can also use images Gallery images taken with the tablet's camera for your wallpaper.

Turn off WiFi when in standby

You can set your tablet to disconnect from WiFi when the screen is turned off. This is helpful to conserve battery life when your tablet is in standy mode.

Go to Menu - Settings - Wirelss & networks - Wi-Fi disconnect policy. Then adjust the settings accordingly.

Change display to show white instead of off-yellow

If you have Power Saving mode enabled, then your tablet will display white colours as an off-yellow shade instead.

To turn this off, go to the homescreen - Menu - Settings - Display settings. Then uncheck Power saving mode.

Check the firmware version

From your Homescreen press Menu - Settings - About Tablet.

This should list your Android version, Build number and Model Number

Save a word to the dictionary

Type a word that is not in the dictionary. The word will show up in the suggestion box to the left. Long press on the word and it will save to the dictionary.

Remove homescreen widgets

To delete or remove homescreen widgets, simply press and hold. Then drag the widget to the top-right corner of the screen and into the Trash icon.

Enable Flash when browsing

If your browser does not play Flash items while browsing websites then you may need to enable Flash in the settings.

To do this, open the standard browser. Go to Settings - Advanced - Enable plug-ins. Then select Always On.

Search music on Youtube from Music Player

While in the Music Player, long press on the song title of the music and you can search Youtube for more music

Disable the screen lock

Go into Settings - Location and security. Then under Screen unlock settings press Change screen lock. Then chose None.

Change the backlight screen timeout

To change the backlight timeout, go to Settings - Display - Screen Time Out.

Then chose the screen time out duration.

Browse websites in privacy / incognito mode

If you want to browse websites, but not leave sign of cookies, search history or cached items, then you can use Incognito mode. Open the Browser and press the + (Action Bar) icon in the top-right. Then press New Incognito Tab.

Setting up and Access Point Name (APN) for browsing with 3G

Normally you can simply insert a SIM card and you will be able to browse the internet using 3G. Sometimes, this must be setup manually however. Before you start, you will need to ask your carrier or telco for your APN settings.

Once you have those, from your homescreen press Menu - Settings - Wireless and networks - Mobile networks. Then tick Use packet data. Then select Access Point Name (APN).

Then press the menu icon in the top-right corner and select New APN. Then fill in the details your carrier gave you. Then press the menu icon again and press Save.

Move widgets between homescreens

If you want to move a widget from one homescreen to another, simply press and hold on the widget. Then drag it to the edge of the screen. The next homescreen will appear. Then, just drag the item to where you would like.

How to import Contacts from your old tablet

If you have just purchased an Android device, then you may want to copy your contacts from your old tablet. The easiest way to do this is to Export your old contacts to a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file and save this to your PC. You may need to install the correct software for your tablet first in order to do the export.

Then, if you don't have a Gmail account, sign up for one.

Once that's done, open Gmail. Go to Contacts, then press More - Import. Then import the CSV to your Gmail contacts.

Then on your tablet, open the Contacts App. Press Menu and then Sync Contacts. This will pull the contacts from Gmail to your tablet.

Read Google Books offline

Google Books is a great App allowing you to read many titles on your tablet, however you do require an internet connection. Fortunately there is a way to read these books offline.

Open the Google Books app and find the Book that you would like to read offline. Then simply press and hold on the book's cover. Then choose 'Make available offline'. You can then choose other books to make available offline by press the thumbtacks beneath each book. Then press Done in the bottom-right corner.

Open the notifications menu

To gain access to features such as Airplane mode WiFi, Screen Lock Orientation, Brightness and so on, double tap on the Clock in the bottom right of the screen.

Enter Accents and special characters

If you want to type non-English letters (eg those with an accent), long-press on the relevant letter. A list of options will appear for you to select. For example, to insert an acute รก, then press and hold the a key, then drag your finger to the accented character.

Resize homescreen widgets

If you want to resize your homescreen widgets, then press and hold on a widget for 2 seconds. If the widget is resizable, then an orange outline will appear around the widget. Simply drag the sides to resize the widget.

If the orange outline doesn't appear, then the widget is a fixed sized widget.

How to hard / factory reset

Warning: This will remove ALL data on the tablet, but not the MicroSD card.

From the homescreen, press Menu - Settings - Privacy Factory data reset. Then press Reset tablet and Erase everything.

Your tablet will now be restored to its original factory settings.

Pinch and zoom in emails

While in your email App, a handy trick is to pinch and zoom out to see a 'day view' of your emails. This is handy if you have a lot of emails and want to quickly sort them by recency.

Quickly switch between homescreens

This tip is relatively obvious, but some users overlook it.

At the top of your homescreen you should see a row of 5 dots. This indicates which of the 5 homescreens you are on. Rather than flick between each screen, you can simply press one of the dots and you will jump to that homescreen.

Enable Power Saving mode

If you tend to run out of battery power quickly, then you can turn on power saving mode. Go to Menu - Settings - Power. Then check Enable power saver. You can then adjust when the power saving mode turns on.

Show dual battery indicators

Because your docking station / keyboard contains a second battery, it is helpful to see how much power is in that battery as well as the one inside your tablet.

To do this, download a Widget called Dual Battery Widget and place it on your homescreen.

Copying iTunes songs to Android

If you have decided to ditch your iTablet in favour of Android, then there is a simple way to take your iTunes music, playlists and album art with you.

Simply go the Android Marketplace and download a Free App called Easy Phone Tunes. You will also need the computer version of the software, so go to and download it from there.

Then, when that is done, turn your phone into a USB storage device (this will vary from device to device, but instructions are on the website).

Once your tablet is connected to your computer, open the computer version of the software and select your device from the Easy Phone Tunes list. Then follow the instructions to Sync your media.

Change vibration intensity

If you find the vibration of your tablet a little too much, this can easily be reduced.

From the homescreen press Menu - Settings - Sounds. Then under Feedback, press Vibration intensity. Then slide the bar left or right to change the intensity.

You can also turn off Haptic feedback if you really don't want any feedback.

Change the screen brightness

From the Homescreen press Menu - Settings - Display - Brightness. Then choose the desired brightness setting. You can also select Automatic brightness to let the tablet decide for you.

Quickly search for a contact

While in the contacts screen, start typing the name of the contact you want to dial. This will quickly filter the correct contact

Clear browsing history

If you have been browsing websites that you would prefer other people to not know about, then it's relatively simply to clear your browsing history.

Open the default browser and press the Menu icon on the top-right corner. Then Settings - Privacy and security. Then select Clear history. You can also clear the Cache, but that will mean previously visited websites will have to load again, making your browsing slightly slower.

Lock your screen while watching / recording videos

If you are watching a movie or video, it is a good idea to lock the screen orientation and buttons. Simply press the Power/Lock button.

This can also be used while recording videos, which is handy if you're prone to accidentally pressing buttons while recording.

Hide on-screen keyboard

To quickly hide the on-screen keyboard, press the Back button

Open web pages in a new tab

If you are viewing a website and you see a URL, you can long press on it and then choose to open the site in a new tab

Delete all contacts

There are a number of ways, as below. The first two of these may be disabled on some networks/carriers or Android versions however.

1) Go to Settings - Applications - Manage Applications. Then chose All at the top. Then scroll down to Contacts Storage - Clear Data.

2) Go to Contacts. Then press Menu - Delete. Then press Select all (at the top) and then Delete again.

3) Go to Settings - Accounts and sync. Then untick Background data and Auto-sync. Then go to Gmail (or an account that your tablet syncs with) and delete all of your Contacts from there. Then re-sync your tablet.

4) Download an App called 'Delete All Contacts' and use that as a last resort.

These methods above will delete contacts from the tablet only, not the SIM card.

Don't use Task Killer

Android handles background applications and memory allocation very well and you shouldn't need to end any tasks. Task Killer can also drain battery life faster than normal, therefore it is recommended you don't use this app

Remove large applications

If you are running low on tablet memory, you can look for your largest applications to uninstall. Go to Settings - Applications - Manage Applications and press Menu. This will then filter your apps by memory use

Enable / disable vibrate / haptic feedback when you type

From the Homescreen press Menu - Settings - Sound.

Then under Feedback you can adjust certain features like Audible touch tones, Haptic feedback and so on.

Clear browser cache and cookies

In your browser go to Menu - More - Settings. Then select Clear Cache / Clear all cookie data / Clear history / Clear form data

Save images in browser, email or text

To save an image in an email or in the browser, long press on the image and a menu will appear allowing you to save it.

For images inside text messages, you might have to press and hold on the message itself, rather than the image.

Improve the keyboard accuracy

There is no need to be stuck with the standard Android keyboard.

Go to the Android Market and search for 'Keyboard' to see some great alternatives, many of which are more accurate and make typing much easier.
A good one is GoKeyboard.

If you see a warning saying the keyboard will collect all information (including credit cards) just ignore this. This is just a security feature that Android shows for every third-party keyboard that you install.

Pair with Bluetooth speakers or headset

From the homescreen, press Menu - Settings - Wireless & networks - Bluetooth Settings. Check that Bluetooth is enabled and press Scan devices. Choose the desired device and press Accept. You may be asked to enter a PIN or Password.

Quickly remove installed Apps

Removing Apps is very simple. From the homescreen press the Apps icon in the top-right of the screen. Then press and hold the App you want to remove and drag it to the Remove / Trash icon in the top-right of the screen.

You can also drag it to the i icon which will show you information about the App. You can press Uninstall from here.

Help, I have forgotten my unlock pattern

If you have forgotten your custom unlock pattern, then don't panic.

After 5 unsuccessful tries a button should appear saying 'Forgot pattern'. Press this and you will be asked to enter your Gmail username/password.

The tablet will then ask for a new unlock pattern. If you don't have a Gmail account, then you might have to either call your carrier or factory reset your tablet.

Stop Photos or Music files being indexed

To stop the Photo app or the Music player from indexing your files, place a blank text file called .nomedia in the folder

Increase security with a custom unlock pattern

Instead of the simple swipe gesture to unlock your tablet, you can set a custom one which can be extremely difficult for a thief to guess.

From your homescreen, go to Menu - Settings - Location and security - Change screen lock. Then chose Pattern to set one up.

It is also a good idea to untick Use visible pattern. Then if someone is watching over your shoulder while you entering your pattern, it will be harder for them to remember the pattern.

If you have forgotten your unlock pattern, then after 5 unsuccessful tries a button will appear saying 'Forgot pattern'. Press this and you will be asked to enter your Gmail username/password. The tablet will then ask for a new unlock pattern. If you don't have a Gmail account, then you will have to either call your carrier or factory reset your tablet.

Close all Apps

Your tablet comes with a handy widget which lets you kill all running tasks. This is great if you want to quickly free up some memory.

To use the widget, press and hold for 2 seconds on a blank part of any homescreen. Then find the Program monitor widget and drag it on to your homescreen. Once that is done, press the widget and it will show you all currently running Apps. Press End all to close all running Apps.

Copy photos to your PC

To copy photos to your computer, plug the device in via a USB cable. (you might have to install your device's software or drivers first).

Then locate the new drive on your PC. Go to the /DCIM/Camera/ folder Your photos will be stored there.

This may vary slightly between devices, however once you have opened the device's drive, you can do a quick search for .jpg files which will show you where your photos are located.

How to change keyboards

While the stock standard keyboard is fine, there are much better keyboards available. First, you need to go to the Android Market and download one. Try searching for the word 'keyboard' and you will see a number of options.

Download your chosen keyboard and go through any install steps that you are presented with.

Then, go to the App you want to type in. You should now see a little Keyboard icon on the row at the bottom of your screen, towards the bottom-right corner. Press that icon and you can switch between all of the keyboards you have installed.

View all camera settings

While in the Camera App you can view all current settings by pressing and holding the little Gear icon in the top right corner of the app.

Manually close an application

Android manages your applications so if the tablet is running low on memory, it will close the oldest running App.

If you do need to manually close an application go to Settings - Applications - Manage Applications - Running. Choose the application you want to stop and select Force Stop.

Bookmark a web page on your homescreen

If you regularly visit a website you can add a shortcut to your homescreen. To do this, go into your browser and find the bookmark of the page you want to create a shortcut for. Long press on the bookmark and select Add Shortcut to Home

Change the backlight screen timeout

Go to Menu - Settings - Display - Screen Time Out.

Then chose the screen time out duration.

How to unlock

Unlocking can bring many important benefits and can save you a considerable amount of money.

We can recommend a safe, reliable and low cost phone unlocking supplier or you can read more in our comprehensive phone unlocking guide which explains what it means, why you should unlock, and the safest and cheapest place to get it done.

1) Go straight to our recommended phone unlocking provider.


2) Read our phone unlocking guide for more information.

View HTML source code of web pages

If you are browsing a website and want to see the HTML source code behind the page, then Android doesn't offer you the ability to do this by default.

There is however a handy App called View Web Source which can be installed. Whenever you want to view the HTML of a web page, you just press the Menu - Share - View Web Source.

You can then browse the code or copy the content into the clipboard.